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#PlaylistMonday: OutKast Appreciation Day

OutKast BracketF4

In honor of the OutKast Madness bracket we ran on @TheKWCBlog twitter page over the last few days, it’s time to honor one of the greatest acts in music with their own playlist.

Being that this is through Spotify, a few of the songs in the bracket weren’t available to put on the list, outside of that, every song in the 64 song bracket that was on Spotify is on this playlist.

We’re currently in the Final Four (as of this post dropping Monday, April 2), check out the link to our page above to vote in the final four. Bracket itself to this point is above!

Also, one song I really loved that I knew wasn’t going to be on Spotify was “Lookin 4 Ya”, it’s technically NOT an OutKast track as it’s Big Boi featuring Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown and got left off “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors” because Arista claimed the rights to it due to still owning any and all OutKast material, blocking Def Jam from allowing Big to put it on his album.




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