Put Your Money on Gallant

Although I have a wide-ranging palette when it comes to music, the genre I’ve revisiting with the least amount of frequency is R&B. Not just R&B but all subcategories of R&B as well. I’m not here to bash R&B, there’s a lot of it to still enjoy but I’ve just grown out of it. The subgenre I did visit the most was alternative R&B. Frank Ocean occupies this lane freely and has been the unadulterated king since 2012. While he’s a talented pop star in his own right, his music just doesn’t grab me. His stronghold on this subgenre caused me to stop looking.

But when you’re not looking, you find what you’re looking for.


Flipping through Spotify’s new releases, I stumbled upon a weird album cover. I broke that old adage and judged the artist by the cover as well. “Gallant” definitely doesn’t sound like the name of an R&B artist and this cover doesn’t look like an R&B album. I went into this album expecting something weird and that’s exactly what I received. Weird is good, sometimes.

On get opening lines like “I’m a headless horseman, on quilted sand dunes” but you also get a commanding singing voice and nearly effortless falsetto accompanying such lyrics. There’s no other artist quite like Gallant and brilliant Ology album filled the void I had for years.

Ology was released in 2016 and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of new music. Well, the time is now.

On his newest offering, “Gentleman”, he’s replaced the abstract lyrics with D’Angelo-esque crooning.

While this single might not be enough to determine the direction of the new album, I know I can expect quality. Put your money on Gallant in 2018.


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