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The Dr. Eggman Music Video is a delight

Gotta rule over all them zones
Got the tones that’s blowing up phones
But when I’m hungry you know I’m gonna jones for eggs

Fettuccine a la ovo
In the kitchen where the pros go
I’ll cook you something pro bono
But all I know is eggs
(I’m a chef, I roll hard!)

I’d preface by apologizing for the nerdom, but then again I remembered that the entire point of this blog is to highlight blerdism and blwlerd culture. So screw it.

I’m an easily entertained man. If you put something light hearted and well orchestrated in front of my face the least I’ll do is give you a smile. So as you can predict, the internet is full of joyous videos that get a chuckle out of me.

I’m also a sucker for WELL DONE parodies or comedy based music in general. If it’s well executed, you bet I’m a fan. There’s a reason I love “Epic Rap Battles of History” but detest stuff like “Princess Rap Battles” and it’s usually because when nerdom meets urban music or culture and white people are involved, it comes disastrous. You can probably search YouTube and find a bunch of cringeworthy attempts at raps or forms of urban music regarding video games or cartoons. Like, bad.

I came across a music video on the Interwebz last year called “I’m the Boss”. It was an early 2000s Boy Band style song done by various video game bad guys stylized as if they themselves were a boy band.

Ganondorf, Eggman, Sephiroth, Bowser

The music is performed by various Video Gaming YouTubers, spearheaded by Jirard Khalil aka The Completionist (runs a YouTube channel entirely on the concept of 100% completion of a video game), whose work I’ve grown to admire over the last year. While the song itself to me is mediocre and sort of corny, I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea. I ignored the concept until a video popped up on my feed last week.

The above video is a song for the titular Eggman, of Sonic the Hedgehog fame. The entire concept of the song is about how Eggman is a little perturbed that people aren’t aware that he REALLY loves eggs. A lot.

The song is wonderfully done, and catchy, and the video itself manages to be very well done. It distracts you from the fact that you’re watching a few YouTubers prance around as a constantly reincarnated descendant of evil and a giant turtle-dinosaur thing while a rotund man sings about breakfast items he enjoys preparing.

I got that multiple genre bling
I got four and twenty rings
I’m like Australian Burger King
Cause I put eggs on everything

The shift in and out of genres while not messing with the songs quality is incredible. The lyrics are funny, and you can tell everyone had a great time on set. It’s worth 5 minutes of your time. I promise.


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