I Just Discovered the Greatest Music Video of the 21st Century

I don’t really use Twitter anymore. I’m not being holier-than-thou when I say this. I don’t wear that fact like a badge of honor. I started decreasing my usage then all of a sudden, I wasn’t tweeting at all. I still check the @KWCBlog timeline often (follow us, if you don’t) to interact with our readers.
One morning as, as I was scrolling through the timeline, I discovered a video posted with the caption “Greatest duet of the year”.

Upon further review, it is. Not since Hall and Oates have I seen a more epic duo. This video comes from Detroit rappers Sada Baby and Drego. There are lines such as:

  • “Big brick of white look like Brock Lesnar”
  • “Big ass shotgun look like Lauri Markannen”
  • “Do you believe in my dreams like Coretta, bitch?”

But we aren’t here to focus on the lyrics. It’s 2018, nobody listens to lyrics anymore anyway. We’re here for the dance moves.

Sada Baby cut a rug throughout this entire video. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such graceful dance moves.


giphy (1)


giphy (2)

I’ve watched this video like three times a day since I came across it. Now you will too. Enjoy.

(The songs kinda knocks, too).


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