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It’s @AdventureTime Finale Theory Time

“Do you know about the Great Gum War?”

Adventure Time will likely go down as a Top 5 show in Cartoon Network history, with its humor, overarching storyline and philosophical quotes and ideas. The show is absolutely responsible for Cartoon Network’s revival in the 2010s, as it was dying a slow death due to the likes of “My Gym Partner’s a Monkey” and CN Real.

While the network has been scattering new episodes with almost no planning (they’re essentially dumping “bombs”, or groups of episodes premiering within one week, every few months), the fanbase has held on strong and has been anticipating the finale.

The problem is we don’t know when it will be.

All we have is this teaser trailer:

I’ll admit that I was a late bloomer to Adventure Time. When I first saw promos for it, I was in college (still watching Cartoon Network on and off in my downtime, because who has time for real things) I dismissed it as a slapstick kids show.  It wasn’t until my (now) Wife and I were bored one day and happened to catch a few episodes that we realized how funny it was. We decided to watch a few episodes on Netflix and then we were hooked, DVRing every new episode that came on and trying to keep up with the storyline.

We recently decided to “binge” AT, and by binge we mean watch 3-4 episodes a night in order until we’re caught up for the finale.  Seeing as there are nearly 300 episodes of this show, it has taken us quite awhile (with some long binges on weekends when we finally get to relax). It’s absolutely easy to get caught up in things as the series is cleverly written, and the staff’s ability to take a one-off comment or joke from years prior and build on it into a new storyline or arc as needed is amazing (see: Gunter).

Anyway, that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for some theorizing. I’ve been thinking these last few days about how the series is going to end, and while I’m not 100% confident in these, I’m willing to throw them out there and see what people think.

1. BMO is recounting the “Great Gum War” to the child (or children) of Finn/Huntress Wizard


This isn’t a far out theory by any means. We hear in the finale preview that BMO is asking someone if they’re familiar with the events of the titular war. This implies that BMO is telling this story in the future (duh) but doesn’t tell us how long into the future. If there’s going to be some big reveal about who he is talking to, I would theorize that the person/people being spoken to have some bit of importance to the lineage of the characters. The latest tease for Finn has been HW, especially since she will be coming back to fight in the Great Gum War.

2. Betty summons GOLB, it does not go as planned, she and Ice King remain in their current states


We’ve been getting hints about creepy old Golb for quite sometime. Who and what it is has really yet to be revealed, but Betty’s plan as of “The Temple of Mars” involves this being in some way shape or form. Golb seems to be some sort of interdimensional being, but we’re not sure if it’s good or evil, the only actual hint of such comes from The Lich saying that he is the “last scholar of Golb” in “Whispers” but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything in terms of Golb’s alignment. All in all, Golb may be chaotic neutral, a being that demands balance and order in the Universe and will pick whatever way possible to enforce it.  Building upon that idea, I believe Golb will be the one, some way, some how, to finally prevent Betty from restoring Simon, forcing the two to remain in their altered, future states for eternity.

3. Princess Bubblegum wins the war, but relinquishes her kingdom to Gumbald anyway


As mentioned before, one of the things I love about AT is the fact that they can take an old reference and build on it. Princess Bubblegum had mentioned her “Uncle Gumbald” at times in the past, and I love how the creative forces behind the show decided to give him a proper backstory and somewhat buildup as the ultimate boss of the show. One thing I do hate is how Cartoon Network surprised the crew with the fact that the 10th season would be the last and instead of getting a season to fully flesh out his character, they had to cram it together. It’s why his presence can feel so….cheap.

I think given time, this theory would sound better, as we’ve seen Bonnibell sort of….give up her ruling ways bit by bit. Sure, it’s been done as a way for her to grow from overbearing tyrant to loving Princess, but I think there’s been a desire for her to grow one step further.

Think about how comfortable she became after being removed from her role by K.O.O., she was angry and felt betrayed at first, but eventually accepted and loved being in her cabin with Peppermint Butler. She only really took her kingdom back after KOO was gone and Crunchy aka Cousin Chicle took over, perhaps fearing the inevitable reveal of Gumbald, Chicle and Lolly.

My thought is that after laying Gumbaldia to ruin, PB will realize she became her worst fear: a tyrant once again. Rather than just inviting Gumbald into her kingdom, I believe she will turn it over to him, giving up her crown and going to live with Marcy.

What do you think will happen?

Comment below with your own theories. I’m thinking those are the 3 biggest plotlines that get resolved during the finale, as they loom as the most important. Once we see the future, I think it’ll be in a time long afterward, showing what became of everyone after the war was over. It may or may not be at a period in the future after Jake has passed (I don’t think Jake dies in the finale, people just want it for whatever reason), but it will be far enough to see Finn with offspring. I’m not sure what happens with Fern, or if anything is actually resolved with him. Anyway, I’m rambling, comment below and follow us on Twitter at @TheKWCBlog and myself at @EagleEye1906 (yes, my account is locked for right now, it’ll be unlocked shortly, just request).


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