The Inevitable Defeat of Earn the Manager: #AtlantaFX Recap

"...we making the crowd move but we not making no cheese and that's a no-no." - Paper Boi probably


In business, sometimes its necessary to make sacrifices. You work some overtime here to get a project completed in time, you skip a lunch on occasion, but most of us draw the line at working for free. Alfred is one us.

This season hasn’t been very subtle with its clues on Earn’s status of manager coming to an eventual halt. Clarke County’s rise has been steady (Darius is probably correct about him being an industry plant but that’s neither here nor there), IG famous Cierra (or Sierra) was shocked that Paper Boi wasn’t getting “free shit”, and Alfred hadn’t signed the papers Earn asked him about. This proverbial icing on the cake was the trip to Statesboro to do a show pro bono with the hopes of booking the next one for $60k.

Not only was Paper Boi performing for free, he had to provide the vehicle for transportation, hire his own security and Earn decided to save money for lodging by sleeping in the home of a stranger, or 3. Violet, the gracious host, showed every sign of instability. She literally dreamt of eating Paper Boi alive, had footprints on her ceiling, and ruined the one moment Paper Boi seemed to be genuinely having a good time by throwing a drink on him for interacting with another woman.

Tracy is the epitome of no worries. This is evident at him scoffing at the mention of checking in with his PO before leaving the city. He could not have handled the Violet situation any worse. Pushing anyone down a flight of stairs is a lot but being that she is the person who has your belongings and your shelter for the evening takes it to 10.

After having to run for his life again, Alfred has had enough and just wants to relax. Darius uses his senses and stumbles upon a frat house. One of the members recognize Paper Boi and offer to “smoke them out.” Post Malone’s music is mentioned in the same sentence as Paper Boi’s and you can see that Alfred has had enough. He finally lets Earn know that he is not cut out for this and lets him go as a manager.

As the trip comes to an end, the guys have their clothes thrown on the lawn, their car is vandalized and all Earn cares about is his laptop. Everything comes to a head when Earn has another “Michael Vick moment” and decided he’s going to beat Tracy up. Alfred tries to talk him off the ledge but his mind is made up. Earn wants to fight and Tracy decides to oblige him. It went exactly as we all anticipated but at least it got Tracy to shut up.

Join us next week as we see if Alfred’s depression is better without Earn in his life and remember to live tweet with us.


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