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Don’t Call It a Podcast SZN 2 #5: Kanye/Celebrity God Complexes and J.Cole album review

If you missed it last week, Kanye went on a nonsensical rant and there were some people who couldn’t see past the bull****. Then he dropped the biggest bomb of all about liking Candace Owens’ “work”. We had a little to say about that. (Note, this was before he brought that dusty ass hat out the closet and made that song with T.I.)

Also, we review Cole’s album.



  • Kanye really been on the BS for a minute
  • If Andre 3000 ever gets a twitter, that’s the day I quit. Don’t ruin anymore of my favorite people
  • I’m still recovering from Cee-Lo
  • J. Cole is needed in hip hop, he fits a space between the Future’s and Kendrick’s of the game
  • KOD might be his best work
  • Intro Music: Dark Comedy Late Show x Open Mike Eagle
  • Closing Music: ATM x J. Cole

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Ron is still too cool for this ish



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