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#PlaylistMonday: First Album, First Single

Music careers are hard to figure out. Sometimes you’ll hear a hit from a new artist and SWEAR they’re going to be around forever, only for them to disappear into the cosmos. Other times, you’ll hear a sound that you know won’t last very long, but suddenly you look up, it’s been 10 years and they’re still holding strong.

This playlist is designed to highlight the first singles of many an artist and how we often forget that this is the song they first put out into the world for a major release. Mixtapes do not count for this, which is why you see “Over” for Drake or “And Then What” for Jeezy.

Have fun reminiscing about when your favorite artist first dropped a single.

I’m aware that Frontin is technically from a compilation album, however, screw the rules, I have feelings



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