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The Committee Podcast: Boys Don’t Cry f/ @craftcake27

First and foremost, good job @southbreeze706, you live to see another day…..


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On today’s episode:

– Starbucks REALLY needs that training ASAP, Racist lawyer gets what’s coming
– ANOTHER school shooting..are we even shocked anymore?
– 25 year old LOSER fakes being High School student to relive glory days
– God Levels of stupidity with Kent State student posing with Assault Rifle
– Ruben Foster False charges from former girlfriend (LOCK HER UP)
– Political Prisoner Meek Mill potential meeting CANCELLED
– Are gender roles an issues?
– Elle “Whines it Out”
– Tablespoon of Stupid (#tos)

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***Disclaimer: Objective truth expressed on this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. ENJOY


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