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Don’t Call It A Podcast SZN2 #8: The Azealia Banks Theory + Defining Millennials

My daughter kept interrupting this episode, but it’s okay, cause I love her.

It’s the day after Memorial Day, you just had a 3-day weekend, today feels like a Monday. We know, hopefully this will perk you up!

  • A janitor at a South Korean airport discovered over $300k (US) worth of gold bars in a trashcan and turned the money in. The airport claimed the money despite the “Finder’s Keepers” clause SK has (their stance is that he found it on their property during his shift)
  • Despite taking a no-BS stance on public pooping last episode, Courtney and Dee both agree that this is a poopable offense.
  • Azealia Banks is back at it again, and Dee wants to talk about why we never hear positive things about Ms. Banks
  • Dee doesn’t believe she’s a millennial, we define who qualifies as one based on what your first game system was.
  • This is a pretty short episode
  • Closing Song: New Face x PSY

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