Incredibles 2: Worth the Wait?

Nope, not a review.

I wasn’t alive for Godfather 2 (Hot take. The first is still better anyway). I was too young to remember T2: Judgement Day. Unfortunately, I do remember The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say The Incredibles 2 has the same sequel hype as all three of these movies. Since there’s a fourteen-year gap between the original and part two, its sequel could be as revered as the first two or end up a disappointed like that ill-fated Matrix movie. Incredibles 2 could have played things safe or go all in to outdo its predecessor.

To answer the pressing question, yes, Incredibles is indeed worth the wait.

Honestly, I was totally expecting this movie to mail it in. Disney doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to sequels. Surprisingly, this second outing manages to be bigger and better. The movie opens immediately after the events of the first. I thought this was an interesting choice but it ends up making sense. A time jump would have eliminated the most interesting thing about The Incredibles, the Parr family. Sure, this story is about a superfamily but it’s really about a wife living her own life, a husband stepping outside of his comfort zone to assume roles that aren’t typically assigned to his gender, an adolescent daughter’s fragmented relationship with her family, and a younger sibling who just needs homework help. Also, the discovery of the toddler being an omega level hero. Fans of the Incredibles have always joked about this franchise being the proper adaptation of Fantastic 4 but this family dynamic is what caused people to be so invested in these characters.

A big question Incredibles 2 would have to answer is how it would fit into the framework of the superhero movie era. It passes this test with flying colors. The action sequences are pretty stunning. Elastigirl is the MVP and her rescue of the runaway train is on ahem Parr with one of the best action sequences of all time. The exploration of Jack-Jack’s powers is exactly what I want from superhero movies. Typically it’s “Here are my powers, boom, now I’m blowing stuff up” but one of my favorite scenes of this movie was when Edna pushed Jack-Jack’s powers to the limits in order to test his new super suit.

Incredibles 2 isn’t without a few hiccups. There are a few things I didn’t like about the movie. The Screenslaver wasn’t the most exciting villain but that’s being nitpicky. The reasoning behind not showing Frozone’s wife is a tad bit shaky but once again, nitpicking. Ultimately, Incredibles is a very solid movie. The 1960s big-band soundtrack is back. At an hour and 58 movies, it keeps a tight runtime and doesn’t waste any moments. It expands upon a story we’ve grown to love and leaves us wanting more. (Yes, I hope there’s an Incredibles 3). I have to see it again to really know where I want to rank it this year but I can answer the simple question everyone’s asking: Yes, it’s worth the wait.






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