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Don’t Call It A Podcast SZN2: The Mandela Effect (#10)

Back at it like a receding hairline and terrible Fabolous punchlines.

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Ryan, Dee and Courtney ($10 app fee required to follow, send to @courtlizcamp on venmo) return for a more lighthearted episode talking about topics pulled right from the subreddit “not the onion” (r/nottheonion).

  • A drunk driver gets pulled over making a sandwich for his dog at an intersection
    • How were the sandwich materials already in the car?
  • Donald Trump (allegedly) threw two starbursts at Angela Merkel during the G7 summit
    • More important: what colors were they?
    • why do you heathens prefer pink to red?
    • did this go down and eventually lead to the famous picture from the G7?
  • A restaurant in China found themselves $100,000 dollars in debt because they offered a one month membership card that gave customers an all-you-can-eat pass.
    • They ran out of food
    • how did they not see this coming?
    • seriously though, how?
  • We talk about the Mandela effect and how Ryan’s wife really does believe a Sinbad Genie movie DOES EXIST.

Opening Song: Read a Book x Bomani Armah

Closing Song: Life x Saba


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