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The Pressure Cooker #BB20 Podcast: Premiere Night(s) Recap (w/ @LethalSaint_ & @EagleEye1906)


Last year I started doing recaps for BB19, but I got busy and it got so incredibly boring that I decided to ditch it. This season, @LethalSaint_ (of the Committee Podcast) and myself are going to be doing a weekly recap podcast of #BB20. We know that there are plenty of major players out there doing BB Podcasts (like the RHAP crew) and we just want to give another spin on things. LS and I are longtime fans of the show, I’ve been watching since Season 1 and she has been watching since Season 8. I peep live feeds from time to time (and keep up with spoiler-free updates between the shows mainly) and as far as I know LS doesn’t, so this will be more of a casual/semi-hardcore prospective.

That being said, we hope you enjoy what we’ve done here. There are many more to come. For this first episode:

  • What were your first impressions of each houseguest on Wednesday’s premiere?
  • A recap of Thursday’s episode from beginning to end
  • Who is in the best position in the house right now? Subjectively of course.
  • Was Chris right in not saving Angela?
  • Is Kaitlyn going to lose her damn mind this season?
  • Why is Hayleigh so adorable (please dear God don’t be a racist)???
  • You can follow Ryan on Twitter @EagleEye1906
  • Our blog account @TheKWCBlog
  • The Committee Podcast @CommitteePod

You can listen to the first episode below, subscribe to our iTunes here.

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