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Don’t Call It a Podcast SZN2 (#11) – How to lose a sex robot in 10 days

If you purchase a $4,700 sex bot, please don’t play “Lemonade” for it. It’ll blame you for cheating. It makes sense if you just listen.

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Happy Pre-Fourth of July! Just survive until 5pm today and then you have an entire day to loathe going back to work on the 5th.

  • Dominoes has decided to fill potholes across the country because there are so many cities in desperate need
    • Please help Birmingham, AL, God knows they need it.
    • Go ahead and pave I-285 in Atlanta too. Just. Yeah.
    • Are all these corporations becoming sassy now because Hamburger Helper made it cool?
    • What’s the best NATIONAL pizza chain?
    • Word to Rick and Dave of Minutia Men
  • Florida didn’t conduct background checks on concealed carry purchases for over one year because ONE employee could not log in.
    • Is this peak Florida?
    • It is peak Florida
  •  You can buy a sexdoll for just under $5,000 and it can refuse to have sex with you! Just like a real woman!
    • Unfortunately, you can override the sexdoll’s wishes to not have sex with you, and you will suffer no consequences, just like how we treat women! (Please don’t treat women like sexbots)
    • Courtney suggests playing “Lemonade” for the sexbot in hopes that it will leave you forever.
    • How bad is it for you if you turn off your sex bot? Not with a switch either, but like, it doesn’t like you.
    • IS it Alexa’s step mom?

Opening Song: Like A Feather x Nikka Costa

Closing Song: December 15 X KLUB Monsta


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