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The Pressure Cooker, A #BB20 Podcast, Episode 2

I’m not going to declare anything about this season already being better than last season after Week 1 because I said that Week 1 last season before it all fell apart.

But what a hot mess.

We’ve got alliance flips, we’ve got double crosses, a blindside eviction and a nutcase HoH win.

@LethalSaint_ is out for this episode, I (Ryan) am out of town for work and was at a friend’s house after the show ended. So I recorded solo dolo but included LS’s notes that she text me. This is a quick one, but I was able to get my thoughts out on the week that was, the racial controversies that occurred this week and whether or not Tyler can keep (to quote Brent of RHAP) “keep all these plates spinning.”

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