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The #BB20 Week 3 Player Tier List (Possible Spoilers Inside)

Now that Swaggy C has departed the game and Kaitlyn’s seemingly endless HoH has finally concluded, we’ve got some possible reshuffling happening in the game.

Scottie, who is close to Tyler, has won HoH after flipping his vote and evicting Swaggy instead of Winston. This comes AFTER he had the idea for those who were voting to keep Swaggy to wear one of his patented Swaggy C shirts. Haleigh didn’t wear one, so it looks like Hayleigh flipped. I think we’re about to see a slightly unpredictable HoH as Tyler won’t be able to dominate Scottie’s time and attention the way he did Kaitlyn’s.

That being said, let’s discuss where each houseguests falls in the tier lists and how these tier lists work. I have four general categories: Favorable, Under the Radar, Below Average, In Trouble. I’m of the belief that NO ONE is ever sitting pretty in this game as things can flip on a dime.


FAVORABLE – This houseguest is in a strong position and has a lot of things going their way. They may be the head or brains of a the alliance in charge, or maybe they’re playing a great social game, but they’re active in someway yet still not in immediate danger.

UNDER THE RADAR – Fairly good position to be in. No one is paying attention to you from a game standpoint, it might be because you’re floating, or maybe you’re just keeping a low profile, whether that’s intentional or not.

BELOW AVERAGE – People are talking about you. You’re not an immediate target, but you could be

IN TROUBLE – You better win veto or turn up the charm.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!




Tyler – He’s currently the mastermind of the game, however, people ARE on to him. The thing is, those people are either on his side (Rachel, Sam) OR they have a minuscule chance of coming into power and actively thwarting him (Hayleigh, Rockstar). Tyler is also protected from a backdoor with his cloud power for the next two months, so he would have to either be nominated upfront and have a chance in the veto, or backdoored without warning, which I don’t trust ANY of these houseguests to do. That said, I don’t see him running the game for much longer, Scottie’s HoH could go either way, because when the feeds came back after Thursday’s live show, he’s talked about going after the bros and I could totally see Winston calling Tyler out in response.

Sam – Let’s be clear: Sam isn’t winning this game. She’s chilling and cooking, is a positive vibe in the house and is guaranteed safety for the next two weeks (Scottie isn’t coming after her and regardless she’s back next week as it’s a dud). She’s getting dragged as far as possible.

Angela – Krazilia jokingly referred to her as “Matt in a croptop” on the podcast, and while I won’t allow anyone to be compared to that waste of a spot from BB19, I do see Angela’s stock improving greatly. Attention from the otherside has shifted away from her and onto the bros and Tyler. If she keeps her mouth shut (as she already has), she can skate by for right now.

Rachel – I was torn here because I could see Rachel being collateral for the L6 alliance if a Kaycee/JC pawn scheme goes horribly wrong. Or if Brett/Winston are on the block and one wins a veto, I could see her being the one to go up. That said, she’s made the effort to reach out and befriend the other HGs unlike the rest of her alliance (sans Kaycee and Tyler) so in that situation I think she’d garner enough votes to stay.




Scottie – In the purest game sense, he’s no longer under the radar, however, for the purposes of this ranking, I put him here. I have the feeling that Scottie is going to make the move that would put him in good favor with whoever he spares. L6 doesn’t know how close he is to Tyler and Tyler could very well sit on his hands if Scottie chooses to go after Winston/Brett and say “he went rogue”. It would help Tyler as it would eliminate a threat on his side, making his L6 competition weaker, but it would remove a meat shield.

JC – He’s playing an Andy Herren type game right now, but I could see people being annoyed with how he calls everyone dumb/stupid. As long as he doesn’t get caught, he’s coasting to jury.

Kaycee – She’s positioned herself well socially. No one from the Secret Six would come after her. The bad part is she’s at the bottom of L6 and would need some of them to go in order to position herself better within the alliance (think: Winston or Angela).

Bayleigh – Believe it or not, Swaggy’s eviction helps her now that Scottie is HoH. I don’t see him going after her as she made it a point to get in good with everyone after Swaggy’s nomination. She won’t be a target for awhile.




Brett – IF he ends up on the block next to Winston come Thursday, he’s the more likable of the pair, I don’t see him going over Winston and I don’t think he’ll end up in a situation where he’s the more evict-able player.

Fessy – I wavered here but didn’t want only one person in this category and I felt Fessy was in a better position than everyone else. If Scottie sides with L6, Fessy isn’t the target,  if he decides to go after Level 6, Fessy DEFINITELY isn’t the target.




Hayleigh – Scottie’s flip + hinky vote and the setup beforehand with the shirt idea paints Hayleigh negatively in the eyes of her former alliancemates. If Scottie decides to target Rockstar and paints Hayleigh to L6 as her closest ally, I could completely see a scenario where Hayleigh goes home.

Winston – If he’s nominated this week, his paranoia will take over, annoying the house and him leaving almost unanimously. He has no personal connection with anyone outside of Brett and barely within his own alliance.

Rockstar – If Tyler has ANY say on this HoH, she’s as good as gone.

Kaitlyn – Right now, she’s fine. I could see a situation where she gets on everyone’s nerves, someone unaware of the extent of Sam’s power gets HoH. She annoys everyone, gets evicted, comes back and gets evicted again. I could also see a scenario where she gets jealous about Tyler hanging with Scottie and L6, feels used, rats him out and it totally backfires as she’s outed to Scottie as the vote that sent Steve home.

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