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The Pressure Cooker, A Big Brother Podcast: Ep.3 – Swaggy C Ya Later w/ @KraziliaLove

Much to our chagrin on Thursday night, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams was evicted by a vote of 8-4 with only Hayleigh, Bayleigh, Fessy and Rockstar voting in his favor. While there’s a sizeable chunk of the audience that’s happy to see him go, I’ll surely miss his entertainment.  Don’t get me wrong, Chris was a bit sloppy as a game player, but he was fun to watch. We haven’t gotten a black male who has gone that hard in quite awhile (hell, we’ve only had 13 in 21 seasons, OTT included) so it was a bit refreshing.

@LethalSaint_ was out today, so I roped in @KraziliaLove for assistance. This way y’all didn’t get tired of my voice going solo two weeks in a row. We got sidetracked a few times, but we tried to recap the week as best as week could!

  • We hypothesize about how long Tyler can keep juggling all these lies and conversations
  • Is Tyler playing Scottie, is Scottie playing Tyler or do we have a bit of both
  • Rockstar keeps making her target bigger
  • It’s better that Foutte falls apart now, instead of in two weeks, making for a boring midgame. This should liven up the mid-game as we’re about to see L6 start having to target other people.
  • Did Scottie flip to intentionally pin it on Hayleigh?
  • How boring is Angela really
  • We predict who we think makes the Final 8.

There’s really a lot more to this episode, including discussing some of the past winners and what strategies we prefer in the game. We jump around, but we eventually hit on all the strong points. I didn’t mention LS’s notes in the episode, so I’ll post them below!

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Third, the episode is below with LS’s notes afterward!

Per LethalSaint_:

  • Tyler is surprisingly good at this game. He’s played both sides but it’s upsetting that production is literally helping him through this game as well. Even if he’s busted for playing both sides (his power) makes him safe.
  • Sam is a ding bat for telling anyone her advantage and her gameplay is BLEEEH
  • All the girls have a crush on Kaycee
  • Swaggy opens his mouth too much and if he does go home, that’s the reason why. I get you have to trust someone in the house however, you gotta keep most things to yourself and spread things ONLY when necessary
  • Kaitlyn is a loony racist and I’m glad all her boyfriends dumped her



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