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[PlaylistMonday] – Birthday Suit

As you all probably don’t know, Thursday marks my birthday and I will be celebrating.

Despite what Lying Ron and CROOKED! AJ will tell you, I will be turning 29 on August 2nd, not 48. While the 29th birthday isn’t traditionally a milestone, this one is a big one for me and reason to celebrate for several reasons:

  • I’ve recently started a new job
  • I’ve recently lost some weight
  • This will be my last birthday as the head of a family of 3….it’ll become 4 in September
  • I want to

So in honor of my birthday, I thought I would just give you a playlist of 20 songs I like. There’s not really a theme to it, I just like this stuff and decided to share it with you. I tried to keep from using songs I’ve put in my other playlists in this one. It may be a weird mix, but I don’t care because it’s a mix of some of my favorite artists: OutKast, DRAM, Cee-Lo, Open Mike Eagle, and Intuition to name a few. So enough of the patting myself on the back for reasons you likely don’t care about, here’s some music. Also, please note, I’ll likely start building these in Tidal and Apple Music soon.


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