Features When You Reach the End of Television

When You Reach The End Of Television: On My Block

If you're ever curious about a show, don't worry, we got you. Our newest recommendation Netflix's coming-of-age dramedy On My Block

Format: TV series
Duration: One complete season
Mood: Light
Status: Renewed for season 2

On My Block (Netflix)


On My Block is a “coming of age” comedy following four friends in Los Angeles. I thought it would be full of angsty teenagers complaining about things that teenagers complain about but I was pleasantly surprised. These are pretty mature 14-year-old children. They endure literal life or death situations, discuss the effects of deportation, navigate through high school dealing with gang violence and sprinkle some love in there too. Season 1 ends with a pretty heavy cliffhanger but it has been renewed for season 2 so looks like we’ll get to see how things turn out.


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