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Playlist Monday: Field Mob Appreciation Day

The early 2000s saw the rise and take over of Atlanta when it came to hip-hop’s national scene. While groups like OutKast, Goodie Mob, UGK, and Geto Boyz helped pave the way for the possibility, the early to mid 2000s kicked the door wide open. Everyone from Bonecrusher to Pastor Troy to T.I. were releasing national hits that were expanding beyond the South.

Then in 2003, Field Mob released their first big hit, “Sick of Being Lonely”, which was the lead from their second album “From Tha Roota To the Toota.” The video circulated on BET, even landing on 106 and Park, but proved to be the only single that would get national attention (from what’s arguably their best album).

After signing with DTP, Field Mob released “Light Poles and Pine Trees” which featured the single “So What” with Ciara and Jazze Pha. This would prove to be their most commercially successful hit as the single made the Top 10 on the Billboard charts and propelled the album to #1 on the Rap Charts.

What made Field Mob so engaging was their humor. Not only were they skilled rappers, they incorporated a lot of comedy into their raps in the way they put metaphors together. They were truly one of a kind and their run should have lasted way longer. While the duo is still making music, they don’t have anywhere near the buzz they once did.

In honor of Sean Jay and Smoke/Chevy P, here’s the definitive Field Mob playlist.


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