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The Pressure Cooker, A #BB20 Podcast, Ep.7: Hayleigh and the HoH Scenarios

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This week has been an emotional week, Bayleigh’s game finally comes undone as she’s evicted 6-1. She made terrible mistake after terrible mistake by winning HoH, getting a big head, telling Rachel about her power, etc.

That being said, Big Brother 20 is just the gift that keeps on giving. When it looked like we were going to get another steamroll week where L6 just moves down the pecking order of the former FOUTTE/HIVE alliance, Hayleigh swoops in and wins HoH.

Team Good Feeds wins again!

Hayleigh’s reign should cause a few questions to emerge, especially if Fessy, Rockstar, or let’s be real, Hayleigh herself, wins the Hacker competition. If we see L6 sweat a little bit, it will be interesting to see if they turn on JC or if JC turns on them!

Sam also is wanting to self-evict and head straight to jury, let’s wait for a dud week for that.

Hayleigh is sitting with a prime opportunity to get Angela, Tyler, Kaycee or Brett out the house, so naturally FOUTTE is going to screw it up, but that’s why we love this season. Spectacular fails.

No Krazilia this time, so it’s just Ryan and @LethalSaint_!


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