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Don’t Call It A Podcast SZN2 #12 – Yes, it’s King Kong

We’re back from a brief hiatus! Courtney has gotten settled into things in Atlanta and Ryan and Dee have stopped making excuses!

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  • Today we talk about a little bit of everything, but first and foremost, Nicki Minaj released a new album. None of us listened, but we’ve got jokes.
  • Is this King Kong? Yes, it’s King Kong
  • Safaree and Nicki need each other musically, but never will admit it
  • A tarmac worker stole a plane in Seattle and went joyriding before crashing to the ground
  • Court has a milk allergy, hilarity ensues
  • Can you think of one single cartoon parent who was actually useful? Doug not included.
  • Intro Song – Smile x Lil Duval
  • Closing Song – SHEther x Remy Ma

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