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Wait…..@DojaCat’s got some HITS


If you haven’t seen the video that has made its way around the internet over the last few days, then you really need to. Doja Cat’s “Moo” has taken social media by swarm, resulting in laughs and memes galore.


The video itself has amassed over 500K views (as of Aug 14) on YouTube and has been consigned by Chance the Rapper. I saw the small clips of it on YouTube when used in memes and finally saw a 2 minute and 20 second version (the maximum amount of time allowed on a Twitter embedded video) before deciding to check out the whole thing for laughs. I didn’t close YouTube immediately afterward since I had put my phone down, and then the next song played.

“Go to Town” is the first song off Doja Cat’s first full release, “Amala”, which is the LA based artist’s first name. Let me go ahead and say this: “Go to Town” is an absolute bop, plain and simple. It’s a catchy hook and Doja flows in between singing and rapping like a veteran, not only is she good with her wordplay and flow, she’s great at making it SOUND GOOD. A lot of times when we talk about rappers “providing” something to the game (which is something a lot of hip-hop gatekeepers do who are gung ho on wanting every rapper to be a lyrical genius, but that’s a whole different topic), Doja can do that because she’s creative. Her flow is unique and her style is hers. She creates a persona and embraces the hell out of it, whether or not that’s truly her doesn’t matter right now because what she’s doing is working.

Doja’s musical content is sexual, purely sexual. At least Amala is, and so is a song she released years ago, “NintendHO”, which samples the opening launch screen from the Nintendo Gamecube. She picked a lane and stays in it, and every song sounds fresh and different on Amala, which is something that’s hard to pull off with similar subject matter unless you’re ridiculously talented. There’s a reason that concept albums don’t always land, and while Amala isn’t a concept album, it’s a thematic one, and it works. From start to finish the album is absolutely worthwhile, and with it only having a run time of 45 minutes you can listen to it going to and from work. I never knew of this woman until this video went viral, and I wasn’t going to listen to anything else from her because I thought it would all be like “Moo”, but I was wrong, and I’m happy I was. I’m a fan. The fact that her musical influences include Jamiroquai (along with Erykah Badu, Pharrell, PartyNextDoor, and Drake) seals the deal even further. Also, mind you, Doja is only 22, so she’s going to be around for awhile and hopefully that’s with more eyes following her.

I’m sure long time fans are happy that she’s getting the attention she deserves, because even though it’s wacky, “Moo” fits right up Doja’s alley as far as the lane she’s trying to paint for herself. With cosigns like Chance, hopefully she gets the push she deserves and her next project will get her some more money and success, or whatever she ultimately is pursuing.

I recommend googling NintendHO to give it a listen, I’m not going to link it here because the single cover is a drawing of Princess Peach buck naked, so there’s your NSFW warning. Amala is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.


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