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Playlist Monday: #RIPMacMiller

When’s the last time you truly connected with an artist? Sure, “When [insert rapper] said ‘___________’, I felt that” has become a meme but when have you gone beyond the music and persona and truly connected with the artist?

The answer for us here at KWC would definitely be Mac Miller. When he crept onto the scene with his back-to-back High Life and K.I.D.S. mixtapes, many people thought he was a novelty. If Asher Roth was the king of frat rap, Mac was the guy who aspired to be Asher once he graduates high school.

It was an honor to be wrong.

Next came Mac’s debut album, Blue Slide Park, which had the first Billboard #1 debut since Snoop’s debut. If Mac’s arrival wasn’t apparent at this point, he made it more certain by releasing Watching Movies with the Sound Off and GO:OD AM. During this time, he also established himself as a reputable producer under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman.

Mac began experimenting with his own sound with this Faces mixtape. Becoming a more adept musician along with a budding rapper helped him create the one-two punch that is The Divine Feminine and his latest release, Swimming. 

Following Swimming‘s release, I started on a draft entitled: Mac Miller and an Ode to Self Care. It started off talking about how Mac Miller was never supposed to be “here”. Here as in physical space and a matter of existence. Who knew the tattooed kid from Pittsburgh would become one of the game’s most revered rappers. Also, “here” meaning bouncing back from depression and addiction.

That draft was discarded but those words still remain. Swimming is immortalized as a journal entry from a young man who was trying to conquer his demons. He won a few battles but ultimately, they were too much for him to conquer. My favorite song on that album was “2009” where Mac is recounting the simpler times. I’m sure these are the times he’d like to remember. But during Mac’s career, he gave us good times. We want to remember all of them.

He lived such a rich life and accomplished so much. He broke into a game and remained relevant. He had nearly a decade-long career and he was only 26. We’ll remember you forever, Easy Mac.

Now, we present to you a mixtape of our favorite Mac Miller songs.

[Note: This playlist can’t even begin to do Mac’s catalog justice. So much is his greatest work came from the mixtape era. Shoutout to Datpiff.]



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