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#TheListeningClub: Masego “Lady Lady”


If’ you’re wondering where you might’ve heard the name “Masego” from, you’ll probably recognize it from a viral video, shot from the studio, where he, along with fellow multi-instrumentalist, FKJ, create the song “Tadow” in which both play multiple instruments while crafting the song in front of your eyes.

After seeing this video last year, I immediately went to find more music. From Masego, all I could find was his “Loose Thoughts” project. While solid, I was definitely waiting for a more focused effort from the artist. A few weeks ago, after the singles “Lady Lady” and “Old Age feat. SiR” he finally delivered with the album Lady Lady. So, I recommended it for the KWC Crew to review.


One of the things I noticed first about Masego is that he plays a lot of instruments. Which can be a good and a bad thing for an artist on their album. As we’ve seen from plenty of artists (Jermaine) outsourcing and collaboration can be necessary for an artist to not go too far in one direction. While Masego doesn’t suffer from that on this project, his actual lyric writing pales in comparison to the musical compositions on this project. That said, it’s still one of my favorite releases this year. Masego describes his style as “TrapJazz” and that’s a fitting moniker. The trap drums fit well with the jazzy backdrops without feeling out of place. Overall, impressive debut effort.

Favorite Tracks: Shawty Fishin’ (Blame the Net), Tadow, Old Age, I Had A Vision

Least Favorite Tracks: None

Score: 4/5


One of the greatest joys I have as a fan of music is seeing an artist take it up another notch. I was already a fan of Masego prior to this. Pink Polo EP and a handful of loose tracks provided more than enough proof that he was capable of making a few grooves. Yet, I still didn’t feel like I knew much about him as an artist. Lady Lady is his official stamp on the game. In the past I felt like he was a good-enough singer hiding behind his saxophone ability but this album shows flashes of great singing and songwriting. His personality really shines through on this album. On the opening track, “I Had a Vision” he breaks out into an interpolation of Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” then interrupts himself by saying “We can’t clear that sample”. His whimsy paired with his talent as a producer makes Masego an artist to look forward to for years to come. The highest praise I can give this album is that it’s the vehicle that keeps the Frankie Beverly and Maze sound alive for a new generation. I highly recommend this album.

Favorite Tracks: Lady Lady, I Had A Vision, Just a Little

Least Favorite Track(s): Old Age

Score: 4/5


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