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#PlaylistMonday: 8 Bit Boogie

Make no bones about it, we’re nerdy here. We’ve played a lot of video games in our time and we’re proud of it.

I’ve said SO many times before that music is special. It has the ability to set the mood for anything and make you groove no matter what. Playing a horror game or watching a horror movie? Take out the ambiance and background strings and see how scary it is.

Video games have given us some classic sounds throughout the decades, from Super Mario Bros’ iconic World 1-1 and 1-2 themes to Donkey Kong Country or even the full orchestras used to flesh out games like Super Smash Bros. There’s tons of good music to listen to and to sample.

This playlist features a mix of video game music through the years (mainly the NES and SNES era but there are some current ones mixed in with a heavy focus on Nintendo and Sega Genesis) with some rap songs that sampled video game music heavily. So you may get some Drake mixed in with your Street Fighter or Wiz Khalifa in your Castlevania.

Either way, I hope you enjoy!


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