The underqualified creator and worst writer of The Kids Wear Crowns blog. I began this blog to broadcast my horrible opinions and since then, I have blackmailed others into joining my team. (Along with AJ, an artificial intelligence algorithm I created). I’m a chicken connoisseur, I enjoy evening naps and I’m forever grateful for auto correct because I forgot how to spell ‘connoisseur’. Boomerang is one of the greatest movies of all time and Dez still didn’t catch it.


wp-1481737548041.jpgI’m only here cause SportMusicLife wasn’t getting no views. I’m using Ron for connections. I’m from NE Atlanta and have terrible music tastes. You should listen to them. He’s also washed, a husband and a father. Also, your football opinions are trash.




wp-1481739627996.jpgPart time rapper, full-time nerd. I’m just here to let you know how little you know about the things you like. Oh and remind you that The Dark Knight is overrated. Long live #Batfleck






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