Become a KWC Sponsor

what is “don’t call it a podcast”?

DCIP is the flagship podcast of The Kids Wear Crowns that serves as a compliment for, hereto referred to as KWC. KWC focuses on various aspects of Blerd Culture and Entertainment, ranging from music, movies, and television to comics and animation concepts.


The purpose of this form is to inform you of who we are, what our current reach is, who we eventually plan to reach and our goal on how to reach them. With your help, we wish to expand our presence as well as yours, by showcasing our partnership to the public.

The Objective

KWC’s goal is to expand the presence of our web content, DCIP and our Podcast Collective. Since we currently operate with self-donated budgets, our capacity to advertise and reach wider audiences is minimal, however, we have managed to have a solid impact in our short run. The goal of KWC is to create a continuous stream of funding to further enhance the product by completing three simple tasks:

  • <Task #1: We are aiming to raise money through Podcast and Tweet sponsorships>
  • <Task #2: Grow our Social Media following through exposure of our product and a paid Social Media manager>
  • <Task #3: Create a self-sustaining revenue generating model through sponsorship and merchandise sales>

DCIP Sponsorship

The simplest way to provide fair and consistent exposure to our donors and advertisers, is to provide them space and sponsorship on one of DCIP’s three segments: Unnamed Opening Segment, #TweetThroughIt, or The Main Event for four episodes. Said sponsorship would also include

  • <Benefit #1: A featured #Ad Tweet released shortly after each episode is posted (Friday mornings)>
  • <Benefit #2: Access to viewers of our Twitter Social Media feed which received 64,500 impressions during the month of December 2017>
  • <Benefit #3: Mutual Growth. We would like to grow with businesses whose primary customer base can be found online. We believe that by promoting one another, we can reach audiences that we otherwise never would have>

Our Proposal

We are hoping that you ultimately will desire to partner with us and become one of our DCIP sponsors, our initial rate for segment sponsorship would be $25 per segment per month. This $25 cost covers the following:

  • 15-second sponsorship on a DCIP segment of the Sponsors choice for FOUR episodes
  • A link to your website on the initial posting of the episode as well as the initial tweet, which will be sent by 8 different accounts with over 9,000 followers. Also includes a Facebook posting that will reach an audience of 1500.
  • A corresponding #Ad Tweet that follows the posting of the episode, standing alone from the Podcast episode itself.

DCIP can be found on iTunes and Google Player, meaning that our product can be reached on mobile platforms and is not limited to desktop services, giving listeners access to your sponsorship on the go.


In securing your sponsorship and advertisement with DCIP and by extension KWC and its collective, you’re ensuring an extended reach into an audience of thousands. You’re also investing in a network that is securing planning and funding to expand its brand in the next year. We want to have a reach that extends beyond the US to all of those who partake in Nerd Culture, Sports and Entertainment, especially within the realm of the Black experience. By assisting us on this mission, we will be forever indebted to you for believing in us and our brand.

Please send all inquiries to:

Thank you for your consideration,

Ron Harris, Ryan McLaughlin, A.J. Phoenix