A Cynic’s Perspective


Ya know at some point we as a people and fans of hip hop have to stand up and rise against Jay-Z looking down on us. I don’t know about yall but im sick and tired of having to Google everything this nigga is talking about. I know hip hop by nature is braggadocios especially with people who haven’t had anything and now have it all, but Jay-Z has had it all for at least 15 years. Why does he insist on making me feel inadequate? Magna Carta Holy Grail just pushes this behavior to a whole new level…

“Picasso Baby” starts off like a man with ambition and dreaming big then what does he do? Jumps the shark and reminds us that we shop at walmart and hang marked down movie posters on our walls. “I’m the new Jean Micheal/ surrounded by Warhol’s/ my whole team balls/ twin bugottis outside the Art Basel…”. I can guarantee you  that must of you don’t know who Jean Michael or what/where the Art Basel is. Hell, I didnt until 5 minutes ago (Thanks Google). That’s what Jay does though, He starts off seemingly humble then he starts spouting off things that are foreign to the everyday person. Ever heard of the Tev Maori? I know you haven’t. Im assuming its the boat i found after stumbling thru every speling I could conjure on, again, Google. It’s a big ass boat like the titanic. He told Blue to lean on a fuckin Basquiat. Fuck this song man.

I still don’t understand the point of “Tom Ford”. Well yes I do. More “You’re Inferior” raps from Shawn Corey. I’m sure you already know you can’t afford a Tom Ford pocket square so I’ll delve into the line that pissed me off the most. He walked right into the booth and with a care in the world said “it’s fuck yall all season. Piss Bordeaux’s and burgandies… Flush out a riesling.”. Just so you know, A mammal like the rest of the human race pisses a mixture of water, glucose, and ammonia. Not Mr. Carter that’s not good enough. He shall only piss the finest wines from the French Riviera.

I’m not gonna pull the rest of the rich nigga rhymes out of this album because, honestly, Im in a good place right now and I don’t need some “rapper” telling me everything I’ve worked for ain’t worth a damn. I don’t wanna think less of the $35 canvas painting of James Dean I have hanging because it’s not a Rembrandt. I will say this though, the 2 songs i referenced are of the first 3 songs on the album. There’s 16 tracks. Not 15 minutes in and your sense of worth is already shattered. Thanks Mr. Carter


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