Behind The Song: Tool – Stinkfist


As the resident fake metal head, I figure it’s time to do another post on one of the strangest songs I’ve ever heard… Tool’s “Stinkfist”.

As if Maynard Keenan wasn’t already weird enough with his crazy ideas for videos and strange stage presence, he gives a song about something only the sick and deprived deviants of the world do. If you go to your favorite viral porn site *cough* *cough* and scale down the categories tab you’ll see “Fisting” in all it’s filthy glory. “Fisting” is defined (in my dictionary) as inserting all 5 of your fingers into a consenting adult’s anal cavity and balling them into a fist then pretty much jabbing said adult’s intestines.

“Stinkfist” is about a couple that have exhausted all sexual activities. Regular penetration isn’t enough anymore. They need something new.

Something has to change this undeniable dilemma/Boredom’s not a burden anyone should bear

After revealing saying “constant stimulation numbs me“, anal action is brought into play.

One Finger deep inside the borderline… relax turn around and take my hand.

With each verse he goes a little further. From one finger to 4.

I’ll keep digging until I feel something here... Elbow deep inside the borderlin


The hook of this song pretty much says it all. “Not enough I need more/ nothing seems to satisfy/ I dont want it/ I just need it/ To feel to breathe to know im alive“.

I think I’ll stick to regular sex. Good song though.


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