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Who the Heck is Hiatus Kaiyote??!?!

Initially, this was just meant to be an album review. Then I realized that possibly no one would read it. I mean, cmon, have you even heard of Hiatus Kaiyote? Right. So why would you click on their album review?

I was late to this party myself and I know many others are too. But it doesn’t matter when you arrive, as long as you get there. So I’ve decided to approach this post as if I’m a caveman who just discovered fire. Honestly, that’s what I feel like. I think I have a pretty broad sense of up and coming artists/bands so usually nothing ever catches me by surprise. However, every now and then I listen to something that makes me say “WTF IS THIS???” (meant in the most complimentary way possible.)

I stumbled across this band by seeing various tweets about them. They varied from my followers to musicians in the know such as Questlove. This lead them to get a feature from Q-Tip.

When this album popped up on Spotify’s New Releases, I still slept on it. I foolishly judged a book by its cover.


But I mean…do you judge me? Why is Rafiki holding this mystical green fire. This cover tells me nothing. So yet again, I passed.

If you’re like me though, you give Spotify that 10 bucks a month to be the soundtrack to your cubicle. I follow you all on Spotify, I know you’re doing your spreadsheets to Katy Perry. I see you.

So one day, I decided to take the leap of faith and was rewarded instantly.

So what kind of music does Hiatus Kaiyote make? I can’t even describe it. Let’s just reference the tagline on their website. 2015-05-16 20-58-07

Yep, that’s pretty much what I was going to say. What’s awesome about this album though is the awesome vibe. You can’t create a vibe. That’s something you can’t fake. No, no, no. But this album has vibes galore. It sounds as if it’s just a jam session…one which happens to be in a space shuttle.

Seriously, how awesome is that? THIS band doesn’t look like they sound like THAT but they do. And it’s pretty cool.

So instead of giving you a review on Hiatus Kaiyote, I figured I’d just rave about these Aussies for a minute. Don’t be like me though. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t judge books by their cover.

And please, please, please go find Choose Your Weapon.


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