June 16th 1971

2pac“June One Six Seven One, The day my momma pushed me out her womb and told me n_gga get paid”

Today Pac would’ve turn 44 and you can’t help but wonder how much or even if he would’ve changed. Would the landscape of hip-hop be much different? How would he feel about a black president? Would he finally stop rhyming Hennessy with enemies? So many question left unanswered, but one thing is for sure, there is no doubt in my mind that he would’ve remained outspoken on all current events good and bad. He would’ve kept making us think deeper and pushed us to react to everything we felt was wrong. For a man in his early 20s to be as knowledgeable and intelligent as he was is a rare find these days and on top of that he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. Sponsorship and everything else that goes along with fame and stardom did not affect him at all. I can’t speak for him but from what he constantly showed us was that money didn’t drive him. We will never see anything like him again. Just imagine how this #BlackLivesMatter movement would be with Pac being around. Happy Birthday 2Pac.

You might’ve seen this many times but here’s Tupac Shakur: In His Own Words



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