True Detective: The Western Book of the Dead Recap

Obviously, season 2 had a lot to live up with. I loved season 1 as much as other people so I kinda had low expectations. However, I’m quite intrigued by the first episode.

If last season was any indication, this opening song was meticulously picked. With that said, I’m already paying really close attention to the last line: “I was not caught, though many tried. I live among you, in disguise”.

Off the bat, we see that even though this setting isn’t as dark as the first season’s, the ethos remains the same. Bad people who do bad things. On a scale of 1 to WTF, Colin Farrell’s character is already clocking an 18. He’s an alcoholic, compromised cop who has to raise a ginger kid that may not even be his. Ouch.

And even though it’s extremely early, I already believe Vince Vaughn. Who knew behind all those mediocre romantic comedies there was a stern mean mug there. His favor for a favor relationship with Ray Velcoro is sure to be interesting.

Rachel McAdams (and her cute lil yams) checks in as Ani Bezzirides. I’m sure her family dynamic will play a huge part in this season’s direction. Her father inspired Don Draper to make the Coca-Cola commercial (joking, but seriously…) and her sister makes webcam porn (totally legal, by the way).

Last but not…ok, he is least, Taylor Kitsch as Paul Woodrugh. When the synopsis was released, having 4 leads really worried me. So by default, Woodrugh is the odd man out. This character seems a tad bit flat already. I’m really trying to put my Taylor Kitsch bias aside (even though I’ll never forget what you did to Gambit) but it’s incredibly hard. I have faith though, we all thought Marty Hart was expendable until midseason.

So Vince Vaughn, Frank Seymon rather, is ready to break out his new development plan that is sure to “make my grandkids so rich, they forget where the money even came from”. All is well and good until his main man Ben Caspere comes up missing. Two unintentionally funny talking points: 1) Caspere is already dead and is taking a Weekend at Bernie’s-esque ride on the California highway 2)When Velcoro searches his house we see he’s freakier than Marv Albert. Sex crimes are a huge theme in this show, so I’m sure we’ll find out he’s involved in some type of hyper-sexual orgy cult. Also, I saw what appears to be an owl (figurine, maybe statue) in the backseat while Caspere the Friendly Ghost is taking his ride. Cohle and Hart saw an owl sitting on top of the burned church. There may or may not be something there. Or I’m probably digging deep way too early.


Last season, the tree and cross were two important symbols. Going back to the opening credits, the California highway is the hot spot for this season. Caspere’s disappearance will definitely have a lot more to do with transportation systems than we expect.  This is why I hope to get more out of Woodrugh’s character. The highway is his domain and he’s “no good on the sidelines”.

With all that said, I’m very intrigued. I’m treating this season like a new show completely because it is. As I stated previously, I think this season will be more about corruption and human greed rather than the supernatural and the occult. I’m ready to see where this mystery leads us.


  • Panticapaeum is a Greek city. Known for the suicide of Mithridates IV.
  • Ani’s sister is named Athena and her father calls her Antigone. Worth noting that Antigone loosely translates to “worthy of one’s parents”. Oh yea, she committed suicide too.
  • Ray Velcoro’s life sucks
  • I’m sure Paul Woodrugh wouldn’t have impotence problems if he didn’t get his jeans from Forever 21
  • No, seriously. Ray Velcoro’s life SUCKS
  • I like Kelly Riley’s Ginger Rothstein character already. “Everybody has to get touched”. Seems like she calls the shots.
  • I think I saw an owl on the grounds of Panticapaeum also. IDK, I’ll have to watch this episode again.
  • Subtle Mullholland Drive shoutout. Instant David Lynch-Twin Peaks connection
  • Seriously, Ray Velcoro’s life SUCKS! Geez, man.
  •  What the heck did Ani do in that bedroom to make her guy react like that? What type of sorcery…


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