True Detective: Night Finds You Recap

Sorry for the late recap. I try to churn these blog posts out quickly then, ya know, life happens…

Let’s not do this one by the book though, because there’s more to talk about starting backwards. You know. That thing that happened.

Yes, THAT happened. HOLY HELL THAT HAPPENED??? HOW??? WHY???? Yes, owl mask guy we discussed in the first recap blew a hole into our favorite detective already.

After being totally distraught by this wtf moment, I went back to do some research. Fret not, Detective Ray Velcoro is still around. And not just in flashback scenes.

Unless there was a major switcheroo in the trailers, he’s seen here with Ani and Gambit in present day scenes. Likely theory, owl mask guy shot him with rock salt for poking his nose in business that doesn’t concern him. I think owl mask guy is close to Semyon therefore he knows Velcoro too. I don’t know, just a hunch.

This episode opened with a monologue by Vince Vaughn. I kinda believed him as a bad guy last week because there really wasn’t a huge acting challenge for him all episode. Well he got his first challenge this week and well, it fell sorta flat. That was his opportunity to kill it and it felt so method actor-y. Great camera work by Justin Lin though, with the gradual close up.

So this week, we get our first taste of how corrupted Vinci truly is. Ani and Tim Riggins are assigned to the detail along with Ray.

He drops an instant classic: “One question: Am I supposed to solve this thing?”. Yea, if an investigator has to ask his superior this question, it’s usually not a good sign.

Ani and Ray’s scenes together are golden this entire episode. Just like Marty and Rust, great conversation happens in the car. We even learn that Ray is weighed down by his decisions and at least wants to make an attempt to be an honest cop. I think this is where these two establish themselves as the two major leads. Well for now, anyway. Layers of John Carter’s character (Ok, I seriously may forget Taylor Kitsch’s character name) are beginning to peel back. First, he starts with some totally pseudo macho story about “some faggot tried to hit on me”. Then his creepy mom. Who seemed like she was ready to get down to business. Then his apartment where he looks over the balcony at men in the night. Oh yea, he left his girlfriend and didn’t seem to sweat that too much.

If Ani is Antigone, then [insert any Taylor Kitsch character name here] is definitely Oedipus. I sure as hell hope not, because that’s not something I particularly want to see, but all signs point that direction. He’s dealt with some type of sexual abuse obvious and I’m sure that’ll reveal itself later.

As stated before, Semyon’s character is now falling flat. I feel like Vaughn really has the opportunity to flex his muscle here, but I can’t stop hearing the voice from Wedding Crashers now.

Overall though, I love the direction it’s going in so far. It took three episodes last season to pull me in and four to wow me, but we’ve already had one huge wow moment. Very interested to see where this is going.


  • Did they really have to show Caspere’s…ummm…you know?
  • You can see Ani’s knife work in one of the trailers. This mean girl really put in some prep for this role.
  • I don’t think we’ve seen the last of creepy psychiatrist guy.
  • Actually, creepy psychiatrist guy’s facility had several young women there. And Caspere was his client? Come on!
  • “I too support feminism. I have body image issues” Yea, Ray can’t be gone yet. Gotta keep delivering these lines
  • Amantha!
  • Woodrugh (That’s his name!) wants to remain on the bike. The Black Mountain experience definitely has left his scarred, physically and emotionally.
  • Bobby Blue Bland’s “I Pity the Fool” was a nice touch
  • A camera and a hard drive was almost at Velcoro’s fingertips. This really was almost about to be a season finale of Law & Order.

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