True Detective: Maybe Tomorrow Recap

Before I even hop into this week’s episode, allow me to rant…What the heck is wrong with you people? Why the harsh criticisms so soon? The first season didn’t exactly start off strong and I can bear slow burning detective dramas. If episode 4 didn’t change the season, I was prepared to give up on it. So with that said, I think this season is doing a pretty good job so far. I’m entertained.

Ok, now let’s get started.

I told you last week that Ray Velcoro wasn’t dead. You should listen to me more. This scene opens with a weird dream sequence, which I really appreciated. I don’t know if it was intentional, but this was a nod to one of the most badass movies from one of the most badass novels ever: No Country for Old Men. 

“I see you running through the trees… you’re too small… you’re not fast enough… they kill you.”


Velcoro meets his father in a bar. He’s looking sad. His pops is in full uniform. He then says “You have your father’s hands” and the camera pans down to show some beaten knuckles. He’s a fighter. I may even think he’s a decent cop, although the verdict is still out on that one.

Kinda trippy moment with the Conway Twitty impersonator singing “The Rose”. I must admit, I’m not well versed on the catalog of Conway Twitty, so I gave this song another listen after the show.

“It’s the soul that’s afraid of dying, the one that never learns to live” is a very interesting line. Considering Ray and his dad are in some dream state purgatory.

Ani’s and Ray’s scenes together are still golden. After saying “You smell like piss” she almost cracks another smile. I don’t have to say for the 500th time that these two are keeping this season afloat so far.

Ray’s visit to the doctor makes that Conway Twitty line relevant for me. After revealing that he does a lot of drinking, some drugs, and doesn’t particularly have a healthy diet, the doctor asks him “Do you even want to live?”. I’d like to think this is Ray’s watershed moment. He’s going to try to walk the line as much as he can from here on out.

As I try to type this out, something keeps telling me to stop. I can’t even continue to talk about this episode because one thing is clouding my mind. Damn, Vince Vaughn sucks. I didn’t mind him much the first episode, because his character wasn’t challenge. But he kinda botched it up on episode 2 and he’s even worst on this one. Seriously, some of his scenes are truly laughable. It’s like he’s forcing everything in his body to convey the emotion of anger and it’s just not working. And the fight scene? El oh el? I’m just cry whenever I imagine someone like Josh Brolin playing this role, it would be so much better.

And in “total surprise” news, yes, Tim Riggins is gay. Or was. Or is thinking about it. Or…I don’t know. But I feel like this episode wasted a lot of valuable minutes for a big reveal that wasn’t that big. Paul Woodrough is that cousin we all have who comes out as gay and you’re just like “ummm, yea, we knew that already”. He is fighting getting hot in the pants at that club though so I’m sure they’ll explore this inner conflict.

For the most part, this episode moved slow, especially after a huge cliffhanger like in that last one. One might be tempted to ask “Should Ray Velcoro really have been killed off?”

No! The answer is no. His journey is going to get way more interesting. Plus his dynamic with Ani makes me believe that he will ignore his debt to Semyon and solve this case. I think that he will have a pretty big price to pay if he does that though.

Notes. Pretty short this week.

  • The Mayor of Vinci is…interesting. So is his wife. And son. Mostly his wife.
  • Three weeks later and I’m still trying to figure out what Ani did in that bedroom to drive that man crazy. I saw her porn preferences
  • Owl mask guy burned the car. So if he appears again, there’s nothing to give him away


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