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My Favorite Albums of 2015 [50-41]

After revealing your favorite albums of 2015, I guess it’s finally time to reveal my list. After scribbling down every single album I liked this year, I came  to roughly fifty. Yes, fifty. And while that seems like a ridiculous amount, I’ve listened to three times that this year. 2015 was simply a good year for music.

Although I’ve stated that my list is fifty albums long, there’s no way possibly I could have listened to every single acclaimed album. So if an album you like is omitted, it’s probably because I haven’t listened to it. I’m only one man, not a machine.

Here’s a few notes about my list

  • Albums from December 2014 are considered. I’ll go ahead and tell you now, notable omission: D’Angelo-Black Messiah
  • I first listed the albums that were undeniably top 10, then shifting them in a head-to-head type ranking.
  • No, Adele-25 isn’t on here. I haven’t listened to it yet.
  • As usual, this is only my opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree as you please. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

Now, let’s start the list

50. Father-Who’s Gonna Get F***** First

“This album is like if Uncle Luke had tumblr.”

I can’t remember who said this, but it’s so accurate.

49. Danny Seth-Perception


Danny Seth is a “swag” rapper from England. He takes a detour from the grime sound the Brits are now famous for. If you can overlook some cringeworthy punchlines here and there, Perception is a solid album with some of the best production you will here all year.

(Seriously, I counted like 5 erection punchlines. The beats, tho!)

48. Big Boi & Phantogram-Big Grams

 This album is short but undoubtedly sweet. Quality over quantity, right?

47. BØRNS-Dopamine

This album has that one song you’ve been hearing on commercials all summer. Good enough?

46. A$AP Rocky-A.L.L.A.

This album is a 40 degree day and easily has the worst title of the year but there’s still a few jams on here worthy of revisiting.

45. Beach House-Depression Cherry

Dream pop!

44. Travis Scott-Rodeo

Despite being a douche, he can makes beats, if nothing else.

43. Jake One & Mayer Hawthorne-Tuxedo

Mayer follows up his fantastic Where Does This Door Go? album with a 70s dance throwback record.

42. Scarface-Deeply Rooted

Big Brother Facemob is back like he never left, with one of his best albums to date.

41. Julia Holter-Have You in my Wilderness

This album is like if your 30 year old music teacher made an album. Because that’s actually what it is.


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