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My Favorite Albums of 2015 [40-31]

40. Chvrches-Every Open Eye

Everyone’s favorite electro guilty pleasure is back with this sophomore album! No “Mother We Share” this time around but it still makes for a solid outing.

39. Snoop-Bush

This is seriously the album Snoop was meant to make his entire life. If Snoop wants to make funk albums for the rest of his life there would be no complaints from me.

38. Leon Bridges-Coming Home

Solid debut album from this throwback soul singer.

37. Boogie-The Reach

After getting a cosign from one of my most trusted musical opinions, I had to check Boogie out. If “Oh My” doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what to say. He’s definitely the next up out of Cali.

36. Sufjan Stevens-Carrie & Lowell

Ay, just keeping it funky, Sufjan has made a lot of weird shit during his career. And personally, I don’t really mess with folk like that. But Sufjan went back to his roots for this album and it’s just undeniable.

35. Tyler the Creator-Cherry Bomb

Tyler is completely his transformation into the long lost member of N.E.R.D.

34. Jay Dot Rain-The Dixie Renaissance

I could say a thousand words about this project but I kinda already have. Just go listen.

33. Yelawolf-Love Story

While writing a review for this album (that I never published) I stopped a lot. There’s no real way to describe this album. One of the most pleasant surprises of this year.

32. Mick Jenkins-Waves

Following up the stellar The Water[s], Mick Jenkins releases this EP to quench your thirst until the release of his next album.

31. Rae Sremmurd-Sremm Life

These two guys can do no wrong in my book. I was really surprised by this album and I hope they keep the hits coming.


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