Album Reviews

My Favorite Albums of 2015 [30-21]

30. Mac Miller-GO:OD AM

Mac has always been cool to me but he’s never really had an album that matches his potential. Well, this is the one.

29. Muse-Drones

Muse has been making music that I’ve been purposely avoided for ages now, but Drones is fiyaaaaa

28. Young Thug-Barter 6

When Thugger is focused, he can’t lost. Barter 6 is only a small bit of what he can do.

27. Unknown Mortal Orchesta-Multi Love

If every other song on this album besides “I Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” sucked, this album would STILL be worth it.

26. Dr. Dre-Compton


Dr. Dre is so old that his face looks like patent leather but he proved he can still make audio masterpieces.

25. Lupe Fiasco-Tetsuo & Youth

Lupe doesn’t suck anymore!

24. Big Sean-Dark Sky Paradise

All of those years Ye kept Sean on the bench are finally paying off. I think he’s ready to be GOOD Music’s franchise QB now

23. Jay Rock-90059

22. Father John Misty-I Love You, Honeybear

This album is really interesting…in every way possible. Miami! (word to Aziz’s horrible date)

21. Jamie xx-In Colour



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