My Favorite Albums of 2015[20-11]

20. Wale-The Album About Nothing

Wale makes good music. He just sucks at tweeting.

19. Young Fathers-White Men Are Black Men Too

There’s no way to accurately describe thsi album, so I won’t even try.

18. Freddie Gibbs-Shadow of a Doubt

Probably my favorite Gangsta Gibbs album and that’s saying a lot

17. Disclosure-Caracal

Disclosure is back again and Caracal is bigger and better than their debut.

16. Neon Indian-Vega INTL Night School

“Glitzy Hive”. That’s all

15. Tame Impala-Currents

This album isn’t quite Lonerism, but it doesn’t need to be.

14. The Internet-Ego Death

I never expected The Internet to get this good. Simple formula we’ve seen before but it works.

13.Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment-Surf

“Chance is Morris Day and The Social Experiment is The Time”

12. Future-DS2

Fewcha really went to work this year. I think we should give him the MVP trophy.

11. Kamasi Washinton-The Epic

Kamasi Washington was the secret weapon behind To Pimp A Butterfly. The epic is amazing.


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