The NBA Finals Aren’t Rigged, You’re Just A Sore Loser

That is you, “everything is rigged” guy. A grown adult crying like a child because you don’t like the result of a sporting event. “IT’S ALL RIGGED” you cry weeping tears into your smartphone, “THE NBA IS RIGGED, IT’S ALL RIGGED, THEY HAD THIS PLANNED FROM THE START.”

You turn to your wall full of team memorabilia: Warriors, Heat, Panthers, and Seahawks, all strung about and framed nicely. You rip them down, angrily, you defile your Adam Silver autographed poster by drawing an evil mustache and devil horns on his face. Nothing in this world has gone right ever since Cam Newton was asked to throw the Super Bowl. “It just doesn’t add up! Why wouldn’t a guy risk snapping his leg in half to dive at a loose football from an awkward angle?”

Defeated, you throw yourself against the wall and slide down to the floor.

“I don’t wanna do this anymore.”

Do you know how much would be involved in rigging a sport? A live, televised sport that’s broadcast for the world to see? Do you understand the consequences if said organization is found rigging the sport? Do you understand the minimal amount of benefits an organization would receive to rig a sport in any manner? Terrible referees dictating the outcome of a game, I’ll give you, but I really think this all stems from one place: you can’t stand to see the team you’re currently rooting for lose and you decide to make it all about you by saying it was rigged. That’s the only explanation you can give yourself to explain just why the hell things didn’t go right. You don’t know because you weren’t playing, you just assumed.

The people who tend to cry the most about professional sports outcomes are the ones whoever never played any form of organized sports. Not saying that all complainers are coming from that category, but that MOST of the complainers have that in common. They don’t realize just how much you’d have to do to rig the outcome of a game when there are so many moving pieces at play. It’s nearly impossible. Not to mention there is little to no benefit as the league has already received its share of the revenue for the event.

Also, why wouldn’t EVERY championship series go to at least 6 games? Why wouldn’t we always see Kobe vs LeBron? Why would they even tease the possibility of a Toronto/OKC finals? It doesn’t make sense, but the hardest part about dealing with a conspiracy theorist is that they can twist it so that in their mind it was planned all along.


Then there’s that guy, the “I’m obviously smarter than you and caught on, I’m just watching because I like being entertained but it’s fake though and I know why” guy.


This is the woke brother that tells you that this is how the media controls us and that he’s only watching to learn their techniques so he can properly defend himself! This is also the guy who thinks Orlando was fake and that they people killed were crisis actors, because he’s a piece of [expletive] whose sole purpose in life is to feel that he’s better than everyone else.

Can it not be that LeBron is maybe, just maybe, a great player who we get to see once a generation? That he’s the 2010s version of Jordan or Kobe? And that in the 2020s we’ll see the rise to yet another star who we’ll begin comparing to Bron, Jordan and Kobe? Can it not be that he put his team on his back (he and Kyrie Irving) and rallied off two phenomenal performances to bring his team back from certain humiliation? Can it not be accepted that no matter what happens on Sunday, LeBron is solely responsible for the city of Cleveland actually having hope?

I’ll let Jemele Hill drive it home..jemele


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