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Why Suicide Squad Can’t Suck

I’ve grown accustomed to movie marketing schemes over time, particularly summer blockbusters. Some Most of the time, it seems cheesy and overdone. You can see the stress on the actors’ faces by the end of their press tour.

But NEVER and I mean EVER have I seen forced hype of the likes of Suicide Squad. The hype for this movie is being manufactured to the point where it seems like flat-out pandering.

There are stories of actors needing to see psychiatrists, Jared Leto sending out creepy gifts, Viola Davis almost pepper spraying The Joker. There’s even a rebirth of the soundtrack for this movie. <sarcasm>If nothing else will get you to the movies, Logic and Wiz Khalifa will! </sarcasm>.

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The execs at DC want you to know this movie is dark, and they want to tell you this over and over and over again.

At this point it seems like pandering. Even over-compensation.Why are you trying so hard to tell us how great this movie is going to be? It’s so much to the point where I’m beginning to believe this movie is going to suck. But it can’t suck. It must not suck. Oh no, for DC’s sake, it must not suck.

The original name of this post was “Why Suicide Squad Must Be Successful”. Regardless of that being a shitty, wordy title, it’s also very confusing. Ultimately, movie success is measured by dollars. This could be the worst movie ever but if it raked in millions no one at DC/Warner Bros. would care.

“Suicide Squad Can’t Suck” because well…it simply can’t. The Man of Steel laid a decent foundation but Batman v Superman totally ceased any good favor. Shake ups were made, and now Geoff Johns is over the entire DC entertainment universe.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, DC thought it was important to make Suicide Squad the 3rd movie of their expanded universe. Not only that, but to reintroduce The Joker a little under a decade after Heath Ledger’s stellar performance. Not saying Jared Leto won’t be a great Joker, but the public will compare him to Ledger just like Affleck to Bale.

But Suicide Squad is the 3rd film. The average person is wondering “What the hell is a Suicide Squad???” which is precisely the problem. As I’ve said repeatedly, DC hasn’t earned the right to move as quickly as they are. Ant-Man only works because the universe at Marvel is established. DC has yet to build a rapport with the casual fan to get them to watch movies featuring lesser known characters. (Here’s looking at you, solo Cyborg movie). This leads to eventual superhero fatigue. If I know your universe isn’t good and I don’t care about your characters, I’m not going to see your movie. If Suicide Squad sucks, good luck trying to pitch that Wonder Woman movie next year. And the Aquaman movie after that.


Seriously, after lackluster X-Men: Apocalypse, some people could be off the comic book movie train if this one sucks. Or at least give up on the DC Universe.

So while this movie may seem insignificant, it will serve as a litmus test for the DC Universe. With the inclusion of Joker, it is the first DC movie that will truly have widespread connections to other movies. This movie will show us whether or not this universe is truly working.

If this movie works, it will take some pressure off DC. It will show that with time, they can build up their universe and make a wide range of different movies for different audiences. If it sucks, heads will be chopped.

Now, to prevent myself from sounding like a hater, I’d like to say that I’m still excited about this movie. While the chances of it sucking are increasing the closer we get, I’ll give you a few reasons of why it shouldn’t suck:

David Ayer is a pretty good director and writer. His credits include Training Day, End of Watch, and Fury.

The cast is pretty great. For all the flack I give Will Smith, he’s still a star. Which is why it’s crazy that he’s probably the least interesting person in this cast. That’s a good problem. We already know what Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis can do but I expect Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne to steal the show also.

Also, we haven’t really seen a story like this on the big screen yet. The Suicide Squad is a very interesting group and if this movie is done right, the people will love it. I expect it to be a good blend of comedy and action. Dark but with a few light, humorous moments thrown in.

Suicide Squad shouldn’t suck but maybe it will. Let’s hope it doesn’t though.




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