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Wormhole Gems

A wormhole is defined as “a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time”. Pretty much meaning how the f*^& did I end up on Mexican Fireworks Porn (seriously hope this isn’t a real niche) when all I was doing was researching Mimosa recipes? Sorry guys, unfortunately, this isn’t a post about strange porn findings. We talking music and how I stumbled across a pretty dope album by clicking the related artist tab on Apple Music.

So here’s some back story. Browsing my twitter timeline, I came across a song called “Caroline” by Amine a rapper out of Portland. Video (Pulp Fiction fans peep the Big Kahuna Burger reference)  and song was dope so naturally I went to investigate. Opened Apple Music only to find he only had the one track available. Disappointed, I scrolled down to the bottom to the related artists tab and saw some cool album art of a child in a kufi holding an assault rifle. Im a sucker for pretty faces and dope album covers sue me. The artist was Bas and the album was Too High To Riot.


Bas is an emcee out of Queens and is signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint. Too High To Riot is his sophomore release. This album is laid back and has very few skips if any. Bas’ flow puts you in the mind of Ab-Soul but not as abstract. Honestly, if i didn’t read up on him i would not have believed his was from Queens. Maybe its stereotypical but you expect this new regime of NY hip hop to either sound very southern or stick to that same ol’ grimy wu tang style they can’t seem to make catch anymore. It’s actually quite refreshing. Anyway, the album is relatively short (12 tracks and only 1 spans 4 minutes). Album highlights include “Methylone” “Live For” and “Night Job” ft J. Cole. Overall the album is very solid and worth closing out the last hour of work. Check it out. Im gonna go click more random links.


Bas “Too High To Riot” Apple Music Link:



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