College Football: Week 1/2 Pick Results

I don’t have to explain myself to you. I come around when I please.

I’m the useless boyfriend that has been eating you out of house and home and dropping you off at work using your car to cheat on you.


I forgot to post the pick results last week, that’s my bad bro. I’m here now though, you don’t have to cry. This will be short.

Week 1 Results:

Oklahoma 23 @ Houston 33

LSU 14 @ Wisconsin 16

UGA 33 @ UNC 24

USC doesn’t matter @ Alabama A lot

Clemson 19 @ Auburn 13

Notre Dame 47 @ Texas 50

Ole Miss 34 @ Florida State 45

Eboni: 4-3 (Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State)

Schuyler: 4-3 (Houston, LSU, UNC, Alabama, Clemson, ND, FSU)

Ron: 3-4 (Oklahoma, LSU, UGA, Clemson, ND, FSU, neglected to pick UA/USC)

Ryan: 3-4 (Houston, LSU, UNC, Auburn, ND, FSU, UA)

Week 2 Results:

Please note that this slate of games sucked, so we resorted to just picking whatever. So. Whatever.

Arkansas 41 @ TCU 38

Virginia Tech 24 @ Tennessee 45

Jacksonville State 13 @ LSU 31

NC State 30 @ East Carolina 33

Kentucky 7 @ Florida 45

MTSU 24 @ Vandy 37

GA Southern 24 @ South Alabama 9

Ron: 4-3 (Tennessee, TCU, LSU, NCST, Florida, Vandy, South Alabama)

Schuyler: 5-2 (Arkansas, VA Tech, LSU, NCST, Florida, Vandy, USA)

Eboni: 4-3 (TCU, VA Tech, LSU, ECU, Florida, Vandy, USA)

Syntrell (idk guys, she just kind of showed up): 5-2 (Arkansas, Tennessee, LSU, NCST, Florida, Vandy, USA)

Ryan: 4-3 (TCU, Tennessee, LSU, NCST, FLA, Vandy, South)

Overall Standings

Syntrell: 5-2 (.714)

Schuyler: 9-5 (.643)

Eboni: 8-6 (.571)

Ron: 7-7 (.500)

Ryan: 7-7 (.500)

Week 3 picks will be posted via our Twitter Account (@TheKWCBlog)


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