Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter I [Weekly Playlist]


Today we release Chapter I of the ongoing playlist series “Trust Us, We’re Rappers”.

Ok, maybe we are not actually rappers but, semantics.
You should still trust us.

Every Monday your ears will be blessed with a playlist curated by Ron and Kels featuring 10-12 recently released tracks that we simply can not stop listening to. We cosign the greatness of each track and believe that everyone should get acquainted with them and the artists responsible for them.

Let’s get to it…

Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter 1

Francis and the Lights – Friends (featuring Bon Iver)

After hearing Francis and the Lights on Chance the Rapper’s “Summer Friends”, some research into their music was necessary. As these things go, “Friends” made it’s appearance soon after. While the beat was shared between Chance and Francis, the two tracks share equal dopeness. This track feels good and the awkward dancing on the video should become part of your weekly viewing routine.

Isaiah Rashad – Silkk Da Shocka (featuring Syd)

As an admitted Isaiah Rashad stan and avid proponent of his freshman project Cilvia Demo, “Silkk Da Shocka” from his latest project The Sun’s Tirade, bears the same southern, bluesy feeling that made Rashad an instant stand out. With the Internet’s Syd’s smooth background vocals, this almost ethereal and emotional track definitely needs to make it’s way to your most played list.

Smino – Runnin’ (featuring Jay2AintShit)

Finding this track came a few months later and almost by accident but, the universe is always universing. Smino solidified himself as a strong, young talent with his project blkjuptr; namely the sing-rapping, introspective track “Runnin'”. Better late than never with this track as it gets played 5 times a day, every day. In the current landscape of rap music that dances on the soul music vibe, Smino made a great combination of soul and bars with “Runnin'”

Vince Staples – Prima Donna (featuring A$AP Rocky)

Somebody said that the beat on Vince Staples’ new album Prima Donna were terrible. Opinions are great but, the title track featuring A$AP Rocky proves otherwise. If you want to drive around with the windows down while dancing or stand on someone’s couch, this track is for you. This track fills the space in rap for fun, exciting young music. Listen to it on your way to work and start your day off right.

Young Thug – Webbie (featuring Duke)


First of all, Young Thug is a genius. This track is so nice we chose it twice. Both of us put Young Thug’s “Webbie” at the very top of our playlist choices. The entire JEFFERY album is creative greatness but this one was an instant stand out. It is fun and it sounds damn good. We will let you know when we are able to turn it off.

Noname – Shadow Man (featuring Saba, Smino & Phoelix)

Listen to this track every day when you wake up and maybe before you go to sleep, too. Noname is easily one of the most talented artists currently making music. Her slow paced cadence blends in with the production like a second snare drum. The production is immaculate and the lyricism is something to take note of. In all seriousness, this track is very relevant and important as it features young, black artists discussing their own funerals- and, wow. “Shadow Man” is as haunting as it is beautiful. Saba and Smino complement Noname’s style perfectly. Plus, Smino says “tell them play Metro Boomin at my funeral” so, go listen to it.

[Ron interjecting here. Guess I’ll take time to introduce my tracks]

Cousin Stizz – Where I Came From

Twitter hipped me to “Dirty Bands” last year and it stayed in rotation. Stizz’s new album, Monda, is exactly what you need to bump in your whip to make your work commute feel like a drug run.

Tunji Ige – Bring Yo Friends

Can’t remember how I heard about Tunji. I think it was that time I almost had an impulse buy in Journey’s. His video was playing there. Luckily I just Googled the style number and found the same shoes for $10 cheaper on Amazon. It pays to research.

Wait, none of this matters. Anyway, this song was recently featured on Ballers and the Missed Calls EP is worth a listen. 

Masego – Girls That Dance

I first heard Masego singing the hook on GoldLink’s “Late Night“. Little did I know, the guy’s actually a saxophone player by trade. Imagine if Kenny G made songs to twerk to. 

Mac Miller featuring Anderson.Paak – Dang!

Anything Anderson Paak touches is golden and Mac Miller has been on a run for a couple of years now. My only regret is that this song didn’t drop earlier in the summer.

GoldLink – Fall in Love

Ever run a new song back like 3 times in a row because it’s so good? That’s “Fall in Love”. Kaytranada and GoldLink are always a good combination but this song might be their best collaboration. That’s saying a lot.

Anyway, trust us. These tracks are dope. Now – go listen.

You can check out Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter I on Apple Music here.


And Spotify here:

Check back next week for Chapter II.



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