Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter III [Weekly Playlist]

Alright so, we usually do these on Mondays but today is Tuesday and we do what we want.

Let’s get right into Chapter III of Ron and I’s ongoing playlist series “Trust Us, We’re Rappers”

Mick Jenkins – Angles ft. Noname & Xavier Omar
Everyone should become acquainted with Mick Jenkins, immediately if you aren’t already. Easily one of the best talents in hip-hop right now. I’m a Noname stan too and she spits yet another immaculate verse. This track makes me smile. Just go listen to it. Actually, listen to the whole “The Healing Component” album, it feels really good.

Max Wonders – Fantasy ft. Marco Mckinnis
I stumbled across Max Wonder’s album because it has a Royce Da 5’9″ feature because that’s my life. After hearing the rest of his album “Fantasy” instantly stood out. Max is doing the whole rap singing thing and he spits some harmonious ass bars. This dude is dope, this track is great.

Scotty ATL – Can’t Be Life
Scotty ATL can rap his ass off. One of the best rappers out of Atlanta, period. That’s really all I need to say in regards to this track because, yeah. Good lawd.

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – Basquiat On The Draw ft Conway & Westside Gunn
Basquiat On The Draw is a great title and the track jams. Skyzoo probably deserves more appreciation, I admittedly don’t spend much time listening to his music. I might start, now. Every artist on this track came through with some fire. This will definitely appeal to purist hip hop fans. Plus it kinda makes me want to set something on fire but like, in a good way.

Audio Push – Leftside
I’ve been a huge fan of Audio Push for a couple years now. They’re so West coast and this track showcases it. Leftside is fun as hell and again, they are really good at this rapping stuff. The album they just dropped is really really great, too.

Rae Sremmurd – Take It or Leave It
I love Rae Sremmurd. Even though I’m still not sure how to say “Sremmurd”. Whatever. They’re having so much fun doing what they love and the music is dope. Take it or Leave it has been in rotation since Sremm Life 2 dropped; I still can’t turn it off. Swae Lee sang his ass off on this track and I’m a sucker for a great love song, ya know?

Mick Jenkins – Communicate

Yes, another Mick Jenkins song is on this playlist. You will just have to deal with it. I will write up a post later telling you how The Healing Component is one of the most important albums of the year. I haven’t thought of what to call it yet. The working title is “The Healing Component is One of the Most Important Albums of the Year”.

Ty Dolla $ign featuring TC – No Justice

Campaign is fire. I could choose “Stealing” or “R&B” but this track is relevant because of the times. Free TC, Obama. Do one last good deed before you leave office.

Noname – Diddy Bop

This song just makes you happy when you listen to it. It really takes you to that time as a kid when you shared your Flaming Hot Cheetos and Faygo with your crush.

Jace – The Pull Up

I don’t have a description here so I’ll just type out the hook: When youuuuuuu pull up

Danny Brown – When It Rain

I know 90% of you won’t mess with this and that’s cool. Danny Brown is one of my favorite rappers. He takes chances and has a style that’s impossible to be copied. Atrocity Exhibition drops Friday so I’ll be playing this until then.

Isaiah Rashad – Tity and Dolla

I was done with my list until I saw this video.

It reminded me that this might be my favorite song from the album. Ps, you a real one if you remember this.

Listen to Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter III on Apple Music here.


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