Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter II [Weekly Playlist]

Well folks, it is Monday again and Ron and I are here to save the day. You know how we do.

Here is Chapter II of our ongoing playlist series “Trust Us, We’re Rappers”, if you haven’t checked out Chapter I yet, please do so here.

Once again, we aren’t actually rappers (although I am still one in my head) but you should still trust us. These are the songs we haven’t been able to stop listening to this past week, enjoy!


Mac Miller – Cinderella ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Ok so, Mac Miller has officially become one of my favorite artists. If his GO:OD AM album wasn’t reason enough, his newest release The Divine Feminine put the icing on the dope ass cake. Seriously, I used to really hate him and now he makes some really really amazing music. This track particularly has been stuck in my head since the day I heard it. Ty $ is undefeated on hooks, still. Listen to this one and then go check out the whole album.

Lyric Jones & Rah Digga – Ski Mask Way ft. DJ Eclipse

Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to like this track the first time I heard it. After a couple spins it became part of my daily listening routine. Lyric Jones and Rah Digga both just go in with shit talkin and I am here for all of it. This feels like classic hip hop. Check it out.

Kenneth Whalum – Might Not Be Ok ft. Big K.R.I.T.

This track is relevant, important and necessary. Whalum and K.R.I.T. tackled the discussion of police brutality in the most emotional and resonating way I have heard on a track yet. I could go on and on about this track but you just have to go listen to it, K.R.I.T.’s verse will leave you in a pool of emotions.

The Cool Kids – Running Man ft. Maxo Kream

The Cool Kids are back, y’all! I thought I was in 2008 or something when I saw they released a new track. To my surprise, they included Houston’s Maxo Kream on their first track in five years – and it is super fire. Despite Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks many reminders that the group would not be getting back together, here we are. And they are just as dope as ever. I am definitely looking forward to what else they have in store for their return.

Eric Bellinger – In My Prime ft. Phil Ade

Full disclosure, I only listening to this song because Phil Ade is featured on it. Not that Eric Bellinger doesn’t make good music, I have just never been a huge fan of his sound. This track though, I am here for it. In fact, Bellinger’s newest album (which In My Prime is found on) is pretty dope. This particular track has been stuck in my head for about 8 days at this point.

JAHKOY – California Heaven ft. ScHoolboy Q

This is the week of the feature, obviously. Anyway, ScHoolboy Q has never let me down so when I noticed the title of JAHKOY’s track and saw the feature, I was pretty much sold. Then I heard the track and man, look. California Heaven feels really damn good. It makes me want to roll one on a beach in Cali and never, ever leave. JAHKOY says “you ain’t gotta die just go buy you a plane ticket” and my goodness, I am ready to do just that. Let this track spin a couple times and think about palm trees, trust me.

Ron here. Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s playlist. For you Tidal people, I’m not quite sure what to tell you. Yall got Lemonade though.

Jerreau – All Night

Former Fly.Union front man released one of the most underrated albums this year and All Night is the standout track. It’s totally what you would expect from a nigga who wears ripped jeans and leather jackets but it’s still fire nonetheless.

Maxo Kream featuring Key! – Out the Front Door

I saw Danny Brown saying he’s going on tour with this guy so I decided to check him out. Because if Danny Brown cosigns you, it’s unlikely that you’re whack.

Jay Dot Rain featuring Scotty ATL – Gotta Believe

Ever like a track but don’t end up loving it until you hear it months later? I’ve had this on repeat for quite awhile now, it’s caught a second wind with me.

Kembe X – 10 Feet Tall

Newest signee to TDE and Chi town vet although he’s only 22. I have been up on Kembe for a minute now and he keeps getting better. I almost went with “Young Nigga” from his album but decided to go with this one.

Joey Bada$$ – Brooklyn’s Own

I still hate his name. It’s not SEO friendly at all. From now on, he’s Leon from Mr. Robot anyway. Joey had that “he raps so well to be so young” thing going on for a year or two then his music kinda lost it’s appeal to me. I thought he totally lost his way when I heard his first single “Devastated” but fortunately, this song is a return to what he does best.

Anderson.Paak – Put Me Thru

Not a whole lot to say about this song. It’s fire. I have a new favorite track off Malibu every week. You will probably see a new one next week.


Listen to Trust Us, We’re Rappers: Chapter II on iTunes, here

And Spotify, here.

See y’all next week!



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