TV’s Most Underrated Shows

Luke Cage broke Netflix this weekend. Atlanta is the new best thing on TV. Queen Sugar is receiving critical acclaim. There’s even Designated Survivor if that’s your thing. All of these shows are ones you probably know about already. As usual, there are a few shows every season that gets blinded by the spotlight although they deserve their own shine.



Channel: Cinemax

Friday, 10 PM Eastern, 9PM Central

I’d like to start off by telling you that no, this is not Tom Hardy.


I began watching this show because I thought Logan Marshall-Green was Tom Hardy and I found out that he wasn’t.

Anyway, Quarry is the story of a Vietnam vet who returns to his native Memphis. He quickly becomes involved with a ring of hitmen and becomes one himself. If you’re a fan of crime dramas, this one is for you. I used to hear all the time about sleeping on Banshee so fans of that show would love this one.

High Maintenance


Channel: HBO

Friday, 10 PM Eastern, 9PM Central

Before you ask, no I haven’t seen the Vimeo web series but now I feel like I have to. High Maintenance is one of the most interesting shows on TV currently. Each episode is about random people in NYC and the only connection they share is their weed man, The Guy. He’s not even a major character in the show, he just comes and goes but his short time on screen is always hilarious.



Channel/Streaming Service: Amazon Prime

Fleabag is crude, raunchy and pretty much everything we’re not supposed to like. But it’s a very smart comedy that makes you laugh to keep you from crying.



Channel: Sundance

We’re used to thinking of Italian mobsters as slick talking wiseguys in nice suits. Modern day, the mob wears hoodies and jogging  suits and the shooters look like Pep Guardiola. I stumbled across this one late so I can only vouch for one episode but it’s dark and violent. So yes, that means you should watch it.

This Is Us


Channel: NBC

Tuesdays 9 PM Easter, 8 Central

There’s not too much I can say about this show without giving a lot away. It’s about 6 people who seem to have no connection but their lives become intertwined. The first episode will blow you away.


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