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Nostalgia: Ultra – 5 Reasons Why PSY (Yeah, THAT GUY) is a New Age Icon

That get your attention? No? Oh. Okay. Cool.

Welcome to my brand new series, I don’t have a title for it because I’m not creative. It’ll discuss current or past moments that didn’t get the looks, attention or fame they really deserve. Sorta. I think. We’ll see.

Anyway, I wanted to focus this first one on PSY. The Korean Pop sensation that gained international fame back in 2012 for a little known viral video called “Gangnam Style” (Gog-nom, not gang-nam). A video that was visually appealing, funny, and a crazy satire about South Korea’s Gangnam district.

I’m sure you’ve seen the video, and if not. Um, why? Are you that big of an anti-pop culture person that you deliberately avoided a highly discussed and record-breaking video just because you didn’t want to be “like everyone else”? Or are you just passed the internet age and don’t really keep up with what constitutes as viral or popular these days? In that case, that’s understandable.

Regardless, the video put a lot of eyes on PSY, who was currently on his 6th album at the time of its release. He got all kinds of looks into his past music, performance, political beliefs by people who, otherwise, wouldn’t even be able to identify him out of a lineup of several random Korean men. But eventually (in 2013) we all carried on with life, expecting PSY to to fade into the background, never to be seen again.

But he kept releasing video…

After video…

After video

and while you think it was just a ploy at trying to prolong internet fame. PSY has proven that Gangnam Style did increase his fan base. The guy has become something of an internet icon that really should be appreciated more than he is. Here’s why.

1. “Gangnam Style” fame allowed him to make a song with Snoop Dogg

Okay. I should go ahead and preface this by saying that Snoop Dogg is at the point in life/career where he can and will collaborate with literally anyone. Because he’s Snoop Dogg and he can. I mean, he’s collaborated with Jamie Kennedy, Eddie Murphy, Insane Clown Posse, The Lonely Island, etc. So, I mean, I guess it’s not necessarily a major challenge to get Snoop on a record, but still. Also, don’t give me the “Snoop only does real hip-hop line” cause he left that alone a loooong time ago.  Either way, that’s beside the point. PSY has taken his international success and turned it into legitimate collaborations with American Hip-Hop/Pop artists. Snoop was first, and Black Eyed Pea turned Metallic Android Will.I.Am was next on a song called “Rock and Roll Baby”.

2. PSY always stays true to himself by making videos that make ZERO sense

And it was all in Korean.

That’s not saying much though, Tyga is awful.


4. He revived MC Hammer’s Career for 2 minutes

and I’m not talking about Cash For Gold either. Best MC Hammer revival since Hammer tried to diss Jay-Z and call him part of the illuminati back when that was the internet’s biggest trigger word.

5. His channel has some of the most views in the history of YouTube

Between Gangnam Style, Gentlemen, Napal Baji, Hangover and Daddy the guy has racked up over 3 billion views on YouTube. That’s amazing for a non-American or European artist. While I know YouTube is an international platform, you don’t see artists outside of those domains really breaking ground in that manner. That’s amazing. It’s something that really should be celebrated and appreciated. Whether you kept up with him or not, he didn’t care, and neither did his new fans. Most of the new crop (like myself) may not understand what he’s saying his music is catchy and his videos are captivating.

In short. He’s Iconic.



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