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Nostalgia: Ultra – For 2 Years MyWay Entertainment was the Funniest Group on the Internet

Back in 2006 a fan recorded dub of an episode of the classic 90's Saturday Morning X-Men cartoon made its way to a somewhat popular video hosting website. (Warning: Language and Crude humor)

“What is YOU doin, we ain’t eatin’ no Popeyes chicken, so what the f*** you doin with that peppa spray?”

Back in 2006 a fan recorded dub of an episode of the classic 90’s Saturday Morning X-Men cartoon made its way to a somewhat popular video hosting website.

(Warning: Language and Crude humor)

My Way Entertainment’s Series of “The Juggernaut B****” videos became an internet sensation. Especially in a time and place where YouTube was still relatively new and people who were going viral at the time were crazy Brittney Spears fanatics, the Numa Numa guy and Tay Zonday. A video of this caliber hadn’t quite broken the internet yet, it kind of helped define what you could put on YouTube and what could be considered popular. The video itself, while full of crude, low brow humor that would have it attacked viciously today (it’s full of sexual and misogynist jokes, know that we don’t condone rape or jokes of that context, but take everything else at face value) was hilarious when existing within context. It recreated the X-Men Universe with a ridiculous twist and really started to put the Black/Minority nerd on the map.

Remember, this was a time where everyone wasn’t really on the internet outside of MySpace and Facebook. The outer realms of the web were for nerds and people with “no life” only, YouTube helped build a bridge to “casual internet users” and The Juggernaut videos blasted right through that by changing the spotlight.

The group responsible, MyWay Entertainment, consisted of a group of friends from the Chicago area who spent their time together playing video games and watching cartoons and movies. The group’s “leader” and creator, NazTradamix, is the main one who hosted the crew out of his home, but by far the group’s funniest member was Randy Hayes.


Randy was the loudest member of the crew, the craziest member of the crew and the most outlandish member of the crew. The humor of each and every single parody they put out ran through him. Whether it’s The Juggernaut and “Ketchup” in the original videos, “Dennis Frogman” and “Gangsta Crizzab” in the Power Ranger videos, or his riveting Award Winning performance as the “Shaqsquatch” in the Ghost Busters Videos, Randy always gave the most memorable lines. His best by far might have to be his rendition of V for Vitilago (V for Vendetta), the best part is at the end. It’s too long to quote, so just take 3 minutes and watch this.


The group continued doing dub work until into the 2010s and while they haven’t gained major notoriety since, they have indeed kept a solid fan base. The crew continues to make “gaming edition” videos where they narrate themselves playing video games together, but they’re few and far between as the crew has just gotten older. The remnants of what they started, or at least popularized, can be seen all over the internet, from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, to Dragon Ball Z Abridged to the more recent “Nigga Turtles”.  If you haven’t made yourself familiar with the work of the Cyber Goonz, then you’re truly missing out. Take some time out today and revisit the greatness that was MyWayEntertainment.

Please note that the original versions of these videos were removed from YouTube, so fans took up the shield and edited them so they could fit without violating any YT rules. 


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