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The Top 20 [AdultSwim]/Toonami Shows of All-Time

Counting down Adult Swim and Toonami's most historic shows of all time (Podcast)

We dropped the Cartoon Network list last week. You can click back over here to view it. This post is brought to you by:


When we did the CN list last week, we decided to omit AS and Toonami because they have vastly different audiences than the CN block. This is their time to shine, since Adult Swim arrived in 2001 it has been a block that features 15 minute shorts. Most of them seem like they’re made for stoners but the great series they’ve introduced are absolute gems. Your mileage may vary regarding what is good and what is odd when it comes to AS, but you can’t deny the impact they’ve had in the 18-35 market.

Toonami was an action programming block that was showcased on Cartoon Network in the afternoons during the late 90s and early 00s. It was cancelled and brought back numerous times before getting absorbed into Adult Swim on weekends.

We’re not including programs that were specials or April Fools jokes like “The Room”, these have to be series that had at least one planned season.

Also, Aqua Teen Hunger Force was voted onto the list, but this ain’t a democracy, this is the electoral collage my guy and we threw it out. It’s on the honorable mention list though. First, Honorable Mentions, Podcast after the drop.

AJ’s Honorable Mention:


Courtney’s Honorable Mention:


Ryan’s Honorable Mention:


Ron’s Honorable Mention:





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